We had a very constructive community discussion on 4 July 2016

As a brief summary:

We learned a number of sources of grants and their considerations. The hall’s been used recently by yoga, art group, guides, cuppa & cake, Thursday club, polling station, and many kids parties. We’ve about £7K in the bank, perhaps best used as matched funding with other grants.

Suggestions for the hall included major rebuilding in two different ways; else keeping as is and enlisting community skills to improve it. Requests for improvement included: improved heating, ventilation, loos and kitchen; zero carbon; and reinstating the partition. Urgent work includes repointing external walls, fixing roof issues and work on the loos.

The committee will investigate the costs of the various options and balance them against requests from the community.

You can have your say, and please do. We urge people to fill in questionnaires (available at the village shop).

By request, we're publishing the report from our energy and fabric survey.  Please click here to view or download it.